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The Cairnoodle is a designer breed that is small to medium in size. It was created by mixing Cairn Terrier and the Poodle. The Cairn Terrier was a vermin hunter whereas the Poodle was a working dog that was fond of water. The mix of these two small-sized purebred dogs results in the adorable Cairnoodle. The Cairnoodle is a cross between a purebred Cairn Terrier and Poodle. It’s an affectionate and loving dog who enjoys being around people and is quite independent as well. It’s a loyal and protective dog that loves moments of cuddling. It’s very energetic and playful. It loves to get attention and be right in the middle of the action. Cairnoodle Cairn Terrier and Poodle Mix Behavior. Posted on October 13, 2019 September 30, 2019 by Zina. The excellent family pet Cairnoodle is also known as Cairnpoo, Cairn doodle, and Poocan. It is a hybrid that is made by crossing the Cairn Terrier and Poodle. cairn yorkie mix cairn terrier yorkie mix cairn terrier poodle mix cairn terrier See more. thedogist. Dog Friendly Apartments Scruffy Dogs Dog Wash Find Pets Terrier Mix Shelter Dogs Dog Friends Dog Owners Schnauzer. Oakley, Schnauzer/Terrier mix, 86th & 2nd Ave, New York, NY. Sarita Piñón.

Cairn Terrier Poodle Mix - This article contains a dog owner's description and picture of their Cairn Terrier Poodle mix breed dog. Cairnoodle Breed. What do you get when you cross the adorable, feisty and fun Cairn Terrier with the intelligent, playful, loyal and affectionate Miniature Poodle? You get an spunky and special little “Doodle” known as the Cairnoodle or Cairn-Poo. Cairn Terrier Poodle Mix For Sale. Those that share their house with Siberian Huskies and Husky mixes.regularly describe them as puppies which categorical their affection to their relations by being tender, loving, and joyful. Poodle terrier mix is not a pure breed, as it is a cross between two dog breeds―terrier and poodle dogs. The poodle is the second most intelligent and skillful breed of dogs. It is essentially a retriever or a gun dog. It is found in various sizes, such as toy, miniature, standard, etc. A virtual rescue dedicated to finding homes for all variety of poodle mix dogs.

Keep in mind however, if you mix a Poodle with a dog that does shed the Poodle mix may shed, if it inherited the shedding trait from the non-Poodle parent. Many different Poodle mixes are emerging and it’s not just Poodle mixes, many d ifferent mixes are being bred. Since the Poodle side can bring sensitivity, you should be an intuitive owner who can use positive methods to encourage the behaviors you want. A well-socialized Cairn Terrier / Poodle MIniature Mix will be an active, affectionate companion who dislikes being left alone for long periods of time.

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